Traveling with the Xtreme Teams
All Xtreme families, send your travel pictures to your coach. We will get your pictures posted here. You need to be proudly displaying your team logo!

Emma (14U) attending the 2011 Super Regionals cheering Mizzou to victory over Washington.

Erica (Meyer 14U) visiting the National Softball Hall of Fame and ASA training facility in Oklahoma.

Kaitlin (Williams 16U) celebrating Christmas 2005 at Laguna Beach!

Jenna (Martinek 14U) in New Orleans before Katrina!

Alyssa (Martinek 14U) visiting Niagra Falls summer 2005!

Michelle (Williams 14U) looking very comfortable in her attire and having an Xtremely great time in Europe (June 2004)!

Coach Steve (Williams 14U) visiting the Mayan Ruins at Tulum, Mexico December 2004!

Coach Steve (Williams 14U) resting topless on the beach near Puerto Morelos, Mexico! As you can see, even on vacation your coaches are hard at it!

Kayla E (Williams 14U) freezing in Washington D.C. January 2005! Kayla participated in the "Walk for Life".

Kayla E (Williams 14U) visiting Ireland June 2005. Strange helmet they wear for fastpitch in Ireland... Looks great on her though!